Nothing Is Our Own

by Endure

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FlakeTwist Endure have reached their peak with this release. The tracks are controlled and refreshing. Why do I like this album so much? Give it a listen and you'll find out. Favorite track: Unnamed.
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Endure was Kaleb Thibeau, Brandon DeTraglia, Tommy Leahy, Dan Colasanto, and David Dillon.

This is our last release! Thank you so much to everyone who supported us.



released June 13, 2014

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Kennedy Studios, Billerica MA.
Engineered by Chris LaRocque and Steve Aliperta.



all rights reserved


Endure Massachusetts

Melodic Hardcore from Cape Cod, MA. Songs of faith, hope, and love.

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Track Name: Wretch
That sinking feeling has found its way with me again. No happy endings so close the book while you're ahead, kid. Autumn came much sooner than I ever could recall. Dead leaves, dead tress, corroded walls. Dear self: I'm better than this. What is life without love but just a meaningless wish? There are thousands more deserving that I know I can meet but the ghost of you that haunts me still lies at my feet. They lie at my feet. So I look to the sky and I beg for release. We're born into an earthy state we are likely to embrace. We are strangers to a concept known as grace. We will trip and we will fall to our face when we learn callousness is commonplace. How did the boy skipping rocks at the sea, so vagrant and carefree, become a wretch like me? How did the man I expected to be fall so far from the tree? Now I'm down on my knees: "Father, set me free." Amazing grace, how sweet the sound. I was dead and gone but now I'm alive and found. I once was lost, but now I see. How could you save a wretch like me?
Track Name: Fate
I will never grasp the hand of comfort-ability again. I would rather lie awake with loneliness than with my enemy, anxiety, he gnashes his teeth into me. My veins are stained green with the envy that destroys me. I can't be loved, I can't be me. I despise my own vulnerability. Longing to stand at the highest mountain peak and scream: "I am infinite; I am eternal." I will achieve a better life, a better me. Human attachment is a thing of my past. The cogs of fate have spun their last thread. I'm externally alive but eternally dead. I want to feel a love that's real. My spirit is willing, but my flesh is frail.
Track Name: Just As I Am
Nothing is our own. I have been cutting ties with those who matter most because each each day just seems the same and I just long to break away from everything, from these constant cycles, from these constant wars. I refuse to follow blindly anymore. Cut me free from this misery. Take me just as I am. Save me from myself. Save me from who I've been. My eyes have seen these scars: your hands, my hammer, my nails and my mind is released I now know what I have seen: An unfailing love for all eternity. We are born into this world seeking entitlement, acting as if we alone allowed the stars to align. We fear the unknown so we deny its existence acting as if we exist beyond the confines of time. We travel roads we pretend we previously paved, we act as if we hold the pen. We are not the authors and now I know that nothing is our own. We are made, we are known.
Track Name: Anointed
Father of light, can you even hear me as I cry for your help to face all my fears? Your beautiful canvas, I covered in gray. You molded me, You shaped me, but that is not what I wanted to be. I still know I am that boy skipping rocks at the sea. Show me what it's like to be free. Once a man full of hate, now a man full of love, could this be the grace I've been dreaming of? Your love never fails, nothing can separate me from You.
Track Name: From Dust We Are
We're all born from dust. From dust we are, living in a fallen world. Knives drawn, backs presented, forked tongues, imperfection. We cant make a single day without longing for greener pastures. If we cannot fulfill our greatest dreams, we're all destined for disaster. While you might as well be dead to me, I still hold onto the memories. You hold the pictures of us closer to the flame but you're still convinced I'm the one to blame. This is the problem of pain. Dear God, show me there's more to this than what may seem. When I lay my head to rest, what will there be? A picture perfect paradise or will we fade to a black screen? Will we ever grasp the concept of true morality or will common sense lead me to not believe a thing? I won't believe in anything but me. We're not the authors. We hold no pen. From dust we are, til dust we'll end. And I know I'll find the answers. Tragedy has crippled me. If there's a God out there how could he let this happen to me? Tragedy won't cripple me, tragedy can't cripple me. In a world that we call our home, we now know nothing is our own.