The Spirit is Willing / The Body is Weak

by Endure / Hotel Books

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released October 1, 2013

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Kennedy Studios, Billerica MA.
Engineered by Chris LaRocque and Steve Aliperta.



all rights reserved


Endure Massachusetts

Melodic Hardcore from Cape Cod, MA. Songs of faith, hope, and love.

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Track Name: Endure - Hearts & Halos
Roaming through the streets that lost their brilliance
There were nights we could light up the sky
Where did our hearts go?
The sun shows no sign of rising
This ain't no test of time

Hearts and halos, lovers and lies
It's the things we think that bind us that will break us in time
Chip away at this heart of stone
How can I learn to fall in love when I'm too scared to let go?

It's our hearts that suffer through the pain and the cost
And our halos still shine when the innocence is lost
Broken, beaten, tired, and sore
We keep swinging, we keep losing
We just want more

There's a face behind each mask I've seen
All the places I go and the people I meet
We are all just hollow shells
Searching for our souls and more stories to tell

And I dont get why
We put ourselves through hell just to feel alive

Is this your world? Count me out
I'll question everything and seek my vices
Is this your world? Count me out
I'm too scared of making sacrifices
Track Name: Endure - Lovers & Lies
Ending stories without beginnings.
Closing doors on what could have been.
Another chance we never took has slipped through the cracks
It's funny how they always say that when we let time take its toll
That our hearts and minds will be at ease and clarity will show
I know, you know, we know we're all victims of young romance.
Open invitations to the devils dance.
All this time and I will never understand why we would gladly sell our souls just to lie hand in hand
Ending stories without beginnings.
Closing doors on what couldve been.
Another chance we never took as slipped through the cracks.
Love has lost its value and roses have lost their red
When we live for passions burning and sworn loyalty is dead.
I've been trying to let go of a love I never gained yet lost.
A love i'll never know.
Give me the strength to move on
We are all buried alive by time.
If only destiny could save us from this mundane life.
As the sand pours from the glass we desperately search just to cover our past
We are all buried alive by time